• 100% Made in New Zealand

    We are on a mission to create the salmon superfood for your pet’s sourced right here in the crystal clear waters of New Zealand’s Marlborough

We are on a mission to create

healthy pet food that pets will drool over.

Omega Plus was born out of the intention that not only humans could benefit from New Zealand’s world-class King Salmon but our Pet’s too. Omega Plus is part of New Zealand King Salmon, which has been sustainably farming salmon for over 20 years in New Zealand with world-class brands such as Ōra King, Regal and Southern Ocean.

As self-professed animal lovers, we are serious about creating healthy and nutritious pet food using high-quality King Salmon from the crystal-clear waters of New Zealand’s Marlborough Sounds. We believe that an all-natural diet full of high-quality protein is vital for keeping our fur babies happy and healthy. That’s why we swot up on the science and source nature’s finest ingredients to create formulations that improve and maintain every aspect of our pet’s health.

The way we see it is that pets are the heart and soul of the family. So why wouldn’t we feed them as well as we feed ourselves?