Salmon Oil for cats and dogs - Omega Plus NZ pet food

The ultimate dietary supplement for your pet is Omega-3

Have you been looking for a way to boost your cat or dog’s omega-3 intake? Are you currently buying expensive fish oil capsules that you’re adding to their food? Finding them a bit messy?

Here at Omega Innovations, we have developed an Omega Plus King Salmon Oil dietary supplement to replace the mess and fuss and provide all the health benefits of omega-3.
Omega Plus King Salmon Oil comes in a 300ml pump bottle and is suitable for both cats and dogs. Simply pump it onto their food, be it wet food or dry food, and watch them devour their meal and lick the bowl clean! Cats and dogs love the taste of King salmon and you’ll love the health benefits that they can gain. Boosting your pet’s intake of marine-based omega-3’s can provide healthy skin and a shiny coat, improved joint mobility and brain maintenance.

Omega Plus King Salmon Oil is made from real King salmon sustainably farmed in the stunning Marlborough Sounds, New Zealand. The oil is extracted from the salmon in Nelson, refined and bottled with an easy to use pump top. Coming soon to a supermarket near you, ask for it in store today!

Recommended servings are as follows:

 Maximum Dose (per day) mL Dose/Pumps
 Cat  2.5 ml  1
5 – 10 kg (11 – 22 lb) Dog  5 mL  2
 10 – 20 kg (22 – 44 lb) Dog 8 mL  3
20 – 30 kg (44 – 66 lb) Dog  15 mL  6
 30 kg (<66 lb)  Dog  20 mL  8

Small contribution makes big impact on company’s waste and bottom line.


A company highly successful in selling salmon products into the human market has recently launched a range of products into the pet food market with the help of Massey University scientists and the Bioresource Processing Alliance (BPA).

New Zealand King Salmon is the largest manufacturer of King Salmon (Chinook) in the world, supplying approximately 50% of the world’s production.  New Zealand King Salmon farms, processes and sells a range of King Salmon products to retailers and the foodservice industry in both domestic and export markets with brands including Regal, Southern Ocean, Ora King Salmon and now Omega Plus pet food range. Read more

Pet Food range - Omega Plus NZ pet food

Omega Plus, a healthy diet for a happy pet

It’s no secret that a diet rich in omega-3 can provide you with a range of health benefits like healthier skin, improved brain function and increased heart health but did you know it can also provide health benefits for your pet? We at Omega Innovations, a division of New Zealand King Salmon, have developed a range of pet food for your cat or dog using King salmon as the number one ingredient in every product. Read more