Unfortunately, the costs of our NZ sourced ingredients, minimum wage, shipping, and production have all increased, and we’ve reached a point where we need to adjust our prices to reflect these higher costs. Our priority has always been to provide premium NZ King Salmon based pet food and treats that are not only delicious but also packed with quality nutrients. We’ve worked hard to keep our prices stable since day one, but we now need to adjust them to continue delivering the best for your pets.

The retail price for all of our Omega Plus products will reflect these higher costs, with the highest increase being for our Omega Plus Dry Cat and Omega Plus Dry Dog food. However, we’re keeping our prices competitive, so you can continue to give your pets the nutrition they need without breaking the bank.

The price increase will go into effect from June 5th, 2023. We wanted to give our customers enough time to prepare and adjust their budgets accordingly.

Yes, we’ve done everything we can to minimise the impact of these increased costs while still keeping the high quality of our products. We know that our premium NZ King Salmon based pet food and treats are worth the investment, and we’re committed to delivering the best for your pets.

Absolutely! Our priority has always been and always will be to use the goodness of our Marlborough grown NZ King salmon to deliver an exciting range that’s not only delicious but also provides all the quality nutrients that Omega Plus has become depended upon. We understand that a price increase can be difficult, but we hope you’ll continue to trust us to provide the best for your pets.

Yes, our NZ King Salmon Oil contains Omega 3’s such as EPA, which naturally supports your pet’s anti-inflammatory response.  Studies have shown supplementation of omega-3 fatty acids from fish supports dogs and cats with inflammatory conditions associated with the skin, joints, kidney, and heart.

Most customers notice a significant difference in their pet’s allergies within a week.

Yes, they are. We use internationally accredited laboratories to test the Nutrional quality and digestibility of each of our treats. All our Omega Plus Dog and Cat treats including King Salmon Bites, King Salmon Fins, and King Salmon Tails are considered highly digestible.

No, there is no need to refrigerate our salmon treats as they have been freeze-dried and are shelf stable. We recommend keeping the resealable bags closed, and storing in a cool, dry place.  The treats should be used within 14 days of opening the bags.

For best results we do recommend storing the salmon oil in the fridge once opened.  This helps to reduce oxidation and maintain the shelf life.

The most basic answer is this: different kinds of fats have different melting points, meaning they solidify at different temperatures, giving them a cloudy appearance.

Our King Salmon oil has been minimally processed and contains a range of healthy fatty acids, some of which solidify at higher temperatures than others, this causes the cloudy appearance in a cold bottle.

A good rule of thumb is to give your pet no more than 10% of their daily energy requirements (caloric intake) on treats.

Determining the daily energy requirement of your pet is based on the breed, size, activity level, and life stage.  If you are uncertain what your pet’s dietary intake should be then we recommend discussing this with your veterinarian.

King Salmon Bites King Salmon Tails King Salmon Fins
Energy (per average Treat) 9 kcal per bite 145 kcal per tail 135 kcal per fin

Example 1:  5kg House Cat fed 250 kcal/day – no more than 2.5 bites per day.

Example 2: 28kg Active Golden retriever fed 1,460 kcal/day – no more than 16 bites per day, or 1 salmon tail, or 1 salmon fin.

We understand your concern, and in some situations particularly with cooked bones they can be unsafe for pets, because the cooking process will harden the bone.  We freeze-dry our King Salmon Bites in order to maintain the digestibility and nutritional quality of our King Salmon.  We have also conducted digestibility testing to verify that cats and dogs can completely digest our Bites including any bones present, the results have shown that our treats are highly digestible.

If you have additional inquiries that we haven’t addressed in our FAQ section, please feel free to reach out to us through our contact form.